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Real Estate Intelligence at your fingertips

Make smart decisions quicker and faster with the most comprehensive and up-to-date Zoning and Land Use data available anywhere.

Unparalleled & Growing Data Coverage

With the largest nationwide data coverage and quick data addition, the Zoneomics platform gives customers the ability to increase their revenue per parcel

Digitized Cities

5,400 +

Digitized Cities
Lots For Search

85 million +

Lots/Parcels available for search
Total Area Covered


Total area covered(million sq. ft.)

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Search for a single parcel or entire market, and visualize the available Land use options, development allowance, and other insights according to local zoning codes within 24 hours

  • Save Time
  • Quick Access
  • Easy Analysis
  • Multiformat Delivery
Example of search on zoneomics maps platform

Save Time

Save time and simply get all the zoning information you require from one easy-to-use platform rather than visiting hundreds of municipal zoning sites and offices, and reading complex city zoning code.

Example of search on zoneomics maps platform

Quick Access

Get insights and reports for a single parcel or entire markets across the USA, visualizing zoning maps, land-use options, and development allowance according to the zoning code.

Example of search on zoneomics maps platform

Easy Analysis

Quickly determine the most common and best use land use with the support of Zoning Data. More zoning data and tools to sort it enables you to make better and faster appraisals.

Example of search on zoneomics maps platform

Multiformat Delivery

Access zoning and land-use data in multiple formats, catered directly to your needs. Through the Zoneomics platform, you can get Built-in Reports, CSV Exports, Bulk Data as well as APIs so you can accelerate and maximize your business.

Get In the Zone

Reach new heights of profitability and efficiency with the technological answer to zoning requirements

Search Without Limits

Search without limits

Zoneomics is dedicated to doing all the heavy lifting for you. We capture zoning and land use data from the relevant yet fragmented city zoning sources and conveniently present these important decision-making data sets for you in one place so you can simply search anywhere and get results.

Determine With Confidence

Determine with confidence

More zoning data at your fingertips enables you to make better, faster and smarter appraisals. You can get a higher quality of work done much faster and more cost-effectively, satisfying your customers and growing your revenue line exponentially.

Analyze Every Detail

Analyze every detail

Rather than visiting outdated and difficult city websites, or waiting in line at city offices to find zoning maps and updates, you can easily get access to permitted land uses, lot sizes, FAR, and even the building height of a property, all in one place.

Monitor what matters

Monitor what matters

Get notifications directly in the platform on proposed and adopted zoning changes across the country. Be the first to know the location, yield, applicant, and description for a chosen site or real estate market.

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Our proprietary technology goes directly to the source and digitizes Zoning, Permitted Land Use and Building Control data, making it available in multiple formats for our users.

Search Without Limits

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the real estate sector, and with the support of our clients, we developed our proprietary technology to meet their data requirements, report formats, and compliance standards.

The platform is built on a foundation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms that can aggregate, rationalize and categorize vast streams of real estate data layers. This data is then provided to our customers in a user-friendly and business-ready format.

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Only need one report? No Problem. You can use our platform to generate reports one at a time. Or, you can create unlimited reports with a monthly subscription of our platform.

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