About Zoneomics

We are on a mission to redefine how Zoning Data can be accessed and who it benefits

We're on a mission

Getting access to high quality zoning data, land-use data and other pertinent data streams should be an easy and dynamic process in this modern day and age.

Remove the hurdles to accessing zoning data

Zoning and land-use data is hidden behind the walled gardens of local city offices. We’ve created a multi-format platform that can solve critical challenges.

Democratize access to zoning data

Now, Our skilled teams have developed an unrivalled and scalable technology and data stack.

We're on a mission
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Digitized Cities
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Our skilled team

Matthew Player


Matthew Player, a serial prop-tech entrepreneur and skilled real estate professional, has 13 years experience in the Real Estate industry, particularly in zoning and planning matters. His leadership has developed Zoneomics into an innovative, credible and practical platform which solves critical challenges faced in the industry.

Asim Mushtaq brings years of global experience with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Location Technology companies. He has demonstrated expertise in the application of technology to solve challenging issues faced by many industries, and to generate stable revenue through ground-breaking innovations.

Asim Mushtaq


Over the past decade we witnessed many industries experience massive shifts in practice, scale and results as a result of technological innovations. However, Real Estate, one of the most sought-after industries and asset-classes, was slower to adopt innovations across its entire value chain. This was the result of countless hurdles brought on by manual processes.

With first-hand experience in the real estate industry, we recognized the immense value that could be delivered by a platform that digitized and automated critical workflows in one of the most critical segments of the value chain - zoning.

Zoning carries countless implications for every major stakeholder in the industry. Every worthwhile real estate transaction relies on the underlying zoning classification and must include zoning reports as a core component of proposals and documentation. In the past, it involved long queues, countless hours, and endless forms. Today, with the Zoneomics platform, we have made zoning information more accessible and impactful to our users - at the click of a button.