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Zoning Brief

For real estate investors, appraisers, & realtors getting started with property research.

$79 .

Get 1 Auto-Report.
Delivered in 24 hrs.

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  • Zoning Classification and Guide
  • Permitted/Allowed Uses
  • Development Controls and Standards
  • Report Review Meeting with Zoning Analyst

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Summary Zoning Report

For surveyors, title companies & real estate pros. Great for quick deadlines that need due diligence.

$390* Plus any incurred municipal fees

Get 1 Summary Zoning Report.
Preliminary Report delivered in 24 hrs.
Final Report delivered in 5 days.

(Please note, Final Report delivery can vary, and is based on average municipal response times)

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Includes everything in the Zoning Brief, and:

  • Comprehensive Zoning Restrictions Review
  • ALTA Table A, 6a & 6b Items for Surveyors
  • Applicable Zoning Codes, Ordinances, and more

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Full Zoning Report

For law firms, lenders, financial inst. & orgs. needing a verified zoning report to complete transactions.

$990* Plus any incurred municipal fees

Get 1 Full Report
Preliminary Report Delivered in 24 hrs.
Final Report delivered in 15 working days.
(Please note, Final Report delivery can vary, and is based on average municipal response times)

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Includes everything in the Summary Zoning Report, and:

  • Prepared by a certified zoning analyst
  • Zoning Compliance Review & Determination
  • Copies of Municipal Documents including: Zoning Verification Letter, Certificates of Occupancy, Notices of Violations, Variances, or Special Use Permits on file with the municipality

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Zoning Verification Letter

Obtain a zoning verification letter from a local jurisdiction, confirming the zoning district.

$149* Plus any incurred municipal fees

Get 1 Zoning Verification Letter

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  • A Zoneomics Zoning Brief to accompany your Verification letter.
  • Confirmation summary of the zoning classification.
  • Report Review - Video Meeting with Zoning Analyst

What's included?

See what you get with each of our reports products.

Zoning Brief Summary
Zoning Report
Zoning Report
Verification Letter
Number of Reports 1 1 1 1
Zoning Map Extract
Zoning Classification
Zoning Classification Guide
List Permitted Land Uses
Development Controls & Standards
Zoning Analyst Report Review Video Meeting
Parking requirement standards - -
ALTA Table A, 6a & 6b Items for Surveyors - -
Copy of Applicable Zoning Codes & Ordinances - -
Prepared & Reviewed by Certified Zoning Analyst - -
Zoning verification letter from local jurisdiction - -
Zoning compliance summary describing existing use & if it is allowed/permitted - - -
Copy of all land use permits such as rezones, special use permits, & variances - - -
Copy of all certificates of occupancy & verification if none exists for the site - - -
Determination that the site complies with use, development, & parking regulations - - -
Summary of how the non-conforming code/rebuild clause affects the property - - -
Copies of all applicable code sections - - -
Meets ALTA 3.0/3.1 Zoning Endorsement - - -
Meets Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae Requirements - - -


Access Level City-Wide Platform-Wide Platform-Wide Platform-Wide
Search zoning map
View zoning classifications
Save favorite sites & notes
Zoning Code Platform
No. of Month's Access 1 1 1 1
Request Report Request Report Request Report Request Report


Most common questions

Zoneomics provides national coverage on demand and is expanding coverage weekly. We can add any city within 7 days.

More zoning data enables you to make better faster appraisal decisions. Stop visiting multiple city websites to find zoning maps. Easily access up-to-date permitted land uses, lot size, FAR, and building height of the property, all in one place.

Understand the specific zoning of a property in any city in the U.S. Stop waiting in line at city zoning departments and battling through 2,000 pages of zone codes, and do your own zoning analysis with Zoneomic's platform!

Zoneomics is designed to be very user-friendly. Most users get up and running on their own and like to make use of our tutorials and documentation. Our Client Success team is responsive to answer questions and help you make the most out of Zoneomics.

For users just getting started and having simpler workflows, the Reports tier gives access to our reporting features. This tier does not include access to the Prospecting Tool, APIs, Bulk Data or Detailed Zoning Reports.

Everything. Your subscription fee covers all the functionality you need to get the most out of Zoneomics. The only other expenses not covered in your purchase of a Professional Subscription are the APIs, Bulk Data Purchases, or Detailed Zoning Reports from our expert report team, each of which can be purchased separately.

At any point, you can connect with a member of our Client Success team by sending an email to info@zoneomics.com

Do you have more complex zoning needs?

Visit our subscription pages to find a zoning data package that suits your needs and let our team create a custom account for you.

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