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Every Zoneomics Zoning Report Checks for…

Zoning Classification & Guide

  • Zoning Map.
  • What the property is zoned.
  • What type of zoning is the zone.
  • Is the zoning a standard zoning.
  • Is the zoning a PUD District, Special District, or Overlay District.
  • A guide to your zoning district.

Permitted/Allowed Uses

  • A list of the land use and building types permitted under the zoning.
  • Identification of any land use specific prohibited under the zoning.
  • What uses are permitted as of right.
  • What uses are allowed under certain conditions.

Development Controls and Standards

  • Minimum lot requirements e.g. Minimum Lot Size.
  • Maximum Massing requirements e.g. Height restrictions.
  • Maximum Density restrictions .e.g Max FAR and Max Coverage.
  • Building Setbacks.

Report Review

  • Video Meeting with Zoning Analyst.
  • Cut through the jargon and understand what zoning means for a property.

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Zoneomics’ Expert Team Provides…

Zoning Verification Letter, Permit, and Document Sourcing Services

  • A zoning Verification letter for a specific address sourced by our expert team of zoning analysts, from the local jurisdiction.
  • Confirming the zoning district (also referred to as a zoning letter or zoning status).
  • Copy of all land use permits such as rezones, special use permits, & variances.
  • Copy of all certificates of occupancy and verification if none exists for the site.

Comprehensive Zoning Restrictions Review

  • Development Standards (height, setbacks, density).
  • Parking regulations, including required number of vehicle and bicycle parking stalls.
  • Surveyor zoning confirmation requirements.
  • Surveyor requirements, e.g. information prepare an ALTA survey to satisfy Table A, items 6a and 6b requirements.

Zoning Compliance Review & Determination

  • Full compliance reports – “The Industry Standard”.
  • Prepared by expert certified zoning analysts.
  • Zoning compliance summary describing existing use and whether it is allowed/permitted.
  • Rebuild Clause/Non-Conforming Code Provisions.
  • Meets ALTA 3.0/3.1 Zoning Endorsement.
  • Meets Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zoning?

Zoning establishes the types of land uses permitted on a property according to the local jurisdictions zoning regulations. Zoning also sets the development standards for a property, such as building height, setbacks, floor-to-area-ratio.

What is my zoning?

To determine the zoning of your property, Zoneomics has created an AI powered map based data platform available here. This platform enables you to type in your address and at the click of button retrieve the zoning information and understand the restrictions that apply to your property.
Zoneomics provides Zoning Reports to help you understand what your zoning is and how it impacts your property. See Pricing

What is a Zoneomics Zoning Report?

Real estate professionals and investors rely on Zoneomics Zoning Reports every day as part of their real estate transaction due diligence process.
A Zoning Report contains important property information such as use-rights, development conditions, and compliance status, and are often a requirement of real estate due diligence by real estate professionals seeking to secure financing or assess their property investment.

Who is a Zoning Brief for?

Best for real estate investors, appraisers, and realtors getting started with their research on a property. See Pricing

Who is a Zoning Summary Report for?

A Summary Zoning report is ideal for surveyors, title companies and other real estate professionals. A Zoneomics Summary Report is a great solution for quick deadlines that still require the proper due diligence requirements. See Pricing

Who is a Full Report for?

A Full Zoning Report is ideal for law firms, lenders, financial institutions and organizations requiring a certified zoning report to complete a transaction. This report is compliant with Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and ALTA/ACSM 3.0/3.1 Zoning Endorsement and Optional Table A, 6a/6b item. See Pricing

What is a PZR API?

A Zoneomics Data PZR API stands for Planning and Zoning Report (PZR) API. Put simply, APIs allow two or more systems to share data with each other, giving you new ways to consume Zoneomics Zoning Data and integrate into your internal due diligence process. Learn More

What is a API?

Put simply, APIs allow two or more systems to share data with each other, giving you new ways to consume Zoneomics Zoning Data and integrate into your internal due diligence process. Learn More

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